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NetEquity Networks and Althea Networks have entered into a strategic partnership to finance, build and operate last-mile broadband networks. Our first project will be in rural Nebraska where we will leverage the fiber optic network owned by OPTK Networks (“OPTK”).

To finance this network, we will use Althea’s system to…

“If you put shame in a Petri dish, it needs three things to grow exponentially: secrecy, silence and judgment” — Brene Brown

I turned 38 last week. A well meaning post by an uncle of mine reminded me of the worst years of my life. I am the youngest of three brothers and was reminded every day by people close to me that I was not a manly man. The popular narrative…

NetEquity’s mission is to make high speed Internet access affordable for every human within a decade. We believe the best way to accomplish our mission is by building an open access fiber network in every country.

A fiber optic cable has virtually unlimited capacity which implies that it has negligible…

How to keep stakeholders on the same page in times of exponential change

Board members have a duty to keep themselves informed about matters put before them for decision. This duty cannot be complied with unless board members have relevant material upon which to base their decisions. …

Why is half the world unable to access the Internet?

Half the world cannot access the Internet and that’s just not OK!

1. Internet access: coverage ≠ connectivity

Four days from now an unprecedented event will take place in Italy…

The breakup of an incumbent telecom carrier driven by market forces and not anti trust regulations

1. What is meant by “market forces”?

This post is a compilation of videos explaining how open access fiber can improve lives

How fiber improves learning outcomes

How fiber lowers cost of healthcare

I moved towns every 2–3 years while growing up because dad was an army man. This meant re-establishing my self in a kiddie social network (usually a cricket team) every 2–3 years. …

Local communities in rural America are showing what needs to happen to make “Internet for all” financially feasible on a global scale, this post elaborates 5 themes I observed at the Broadband Communities Conference held in Ontario CA (Oct 2018)

When I first shared with my friends and family that I will quit my career to make internet access affordable for all (c. March 2016), a good friend joked with me saying he always knew I was a “commie” and reminded me of this quote by Vladimir Lenin (1920).


Isfandiyar Shaheen

I believe that you owe yourself an incredible life.

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