What can fiber do for you?

This post is a compilation of videos explaining how open access fiber can improve lives

Isfandiyar Shaheen
2 min readFeb 26, 2019


How fiber improves learning outcomes

  • Imagine controlling a microscope 1,800 miles away and getting the images on an 8K large screen television
  • Imagine letting young students control that microscope with a mouse and having real-time access to leading scientists irrespective of geography

How fiber lowers cost of healthcare

  • Imagine giving cancer researchers around the world access to real-time, high resolution data on a tumor or blood sample

How fiber improve grid monitoring

  • Imagine “eyes on” everywhere on the electrical grid and being able to pin point faults with high accuracy

How fiber makes cities safer

  • Imagine a gun-shot going off in your city and nearby cameras automatically configuring a high resolution live feed to law enforcement officials

How fiber makes cities smarter

  • Imagine holding your lawmakers accountable through better monitoring of e-govt services

How fiber reduces cost of connectivity

  • Imagine your city creating a virtualized marketplace for internet bandwidth

How fiber works

  • Optical fiber is a very thin strand of pure glass, which acts as a waveguide for light over long distances.
  • Fiber uses a principal known as “Total Internal Reflection”:

Still want to learn more? Check out this tutorial by Richard Steenbergen.



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